Holo Gradient

I'm on a little bit of a holo binge at the moment, I've worn nothing but them for like a week as I wasn't in the mood for nail arts. I did a simple nail art with holo polish, and the sun came out!! I wasn't sure what it was for a little bit, but after some googling it turned out to be the sun. So no need to panic after all. So yes a holo gradient, it didn't turn out aswell as I wanted it to, but maybe that was because I wasn't really in the mood for doing it. Sometime I wish I could wear just one colour nail polish for more than like an hour.
I did a base colour of W7 White. Once that was dry I sponged on Hits Ares and Demeter. Although Demeter was so very sheer and I needed to sponge on wayyy more of that that I did Ares. I then added the two silver studs to my ring finger. I topped everything of with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I wish Demeter wasn't so sheer! It was the one I was most excited about in the No Olimpo collection when I discovered it, but I don't think I 'll wear it very often as the bottles are only 6ml. I clearly need backups of this colour.


Green Stars

I finally found a medium green metallic/shimmery stamping polish, I've been looking for one for ages! Yay for Rimmel. So yes I bought Rimmel Camouflage online in the hopes that I could stamp with it, and it works nicely. It showed up over black for my test stamp, and the shimmery-ness of it makes it look kinda sparkly. 
I did a base colour of Barry M Greenberry. Once that had dried I stamped using Cheeky plate CH5 and Rimmel Camouflage. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
Please ignore the line of polish on the middle finger, that was bad scraping and being too lazy to re-do the nail on my part. I do love this green as a stamping polish, the shimmer in it contrasts wonderfully with the creme of Greenberry. I love shimmery and creme contrasts when it comes to stamping.


Hestia Stamped

So many holographic polishes, so little sun here in Wales. Anyway, I have Hits Hestia on today, I love it. It's such a lovely shade of pink, without being too pink, if that makes sense.
I used a base colour of Hits Hestia. I them stamped using Bundle Monster BM-314 and Moyou White. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
This is the first time I've used Hestia on it's own. I've layered it over similar colours on previous uses. It's quite sheer and required three coats, which is why I previously layered it, as it comes in such a tiny bottle.


Gradient with Stamping

As I really liked the gradient I did in the previous post, I didn't want to take it off after only a few days, so I added some stamping. 
I used Cheeky plate CH24 and a cute little bow image and Moyou White for the stamping. I topped it off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
My stamping placement is a bit off, but as it was my first time using a tip stamp it wasn't as bad as it could have been.


I Made A Thing!

So I've been neglecting my crafty stuff posts, but mostly because I'm fairly certain I've only made like two things this year. Anyway, I bought a new camera like a month ago and I hated the strap it came with, it was itchy and also really boring black. So I made one!

Ok, so it's not the most excited camera strap but I wanted one that wasn't too bright or with too many colours so it wouldn't look ridiculous with certain clothes. It cost me a total of about £5 to make this, I bought a snood from Primark for £4 and cut it up and the key rings were 49p each. This was actually a quarter of the scarf so I've kept the rest just in case I think if anything else I can make with it.

I've just folded over the ends of the scarf into the rings and then sewn them down (really badly). Yes it's not stitched well, but it's not noticeable and it still holds my camera without feeling like it's going to unravel. It was super easy to make, I just wish I had a sewing machine to help.



I really wanted to use my other Manhattan polishes, but didn't quite have an idea for them, so I went for simple gradient. I don't know why but my brain kept calling them fruit salad gradient... Also I really sorry about my weird skin colour in the photos, but I had taken the mani off by the time I remembered to put them on the computer, and the polish colours were accurate so I didn't want to mess with the colours.
I did a base colour of W7 White, and then sponged on Manhattan Rock Topia 3 and 4 (green) until I liked the way it looked. I topped it off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I was so pleased with this gradient, it's got to be hands down the best one I've ever done. 


Stamping and Stripes

So I went on a bit of a spree and bought 9 nail polishes from Fragrance Direct. They only came to just under £11 including delivery! Bargain, I recommend having a look at their nail polishes, you might find a bargain. I'm using two that I bought from there today, they were 49p, yup thats right 49 pennies! 
I did a base colour of Manhattan Rock Topia 5. Once that was dry I taped half my nail off and stamped with A England Saint George using Cheeky image plate CH14. I then used striping tape to mark off the other half of the nail and painted over that half with Manhattan Rock Topia 6. I used the striping tape to create chevrons on my ring finger. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I'm really impressed with these Manhattan polishes, I wasn't sure about what to expect from them at 49p, but the base colour was two coats, and I could have done one thick coat instead. Brilliant. I have another three colours from this brand that can't wait to try out.


Paisley and Studs

Ages ago I posted a design I did that had an accent nail of two round studs. I decided to re-create that accent nail in this mani.
I did a base colour of W7 Purple Paradise, an absolutely gorgeous shimmery purple. I did the paisley stamping using Barry M Silver Foil and Bundle Monster image plate BM-315. I added two silver studs to the ring finger. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
This purple is gorgeous! And an absolute bargain at £1.99 from Nail Polish Direct. It goes on beautifully in two coats.


Pink Gradient

I'm going to a christening for a friend's daughter tomorrow, so though this would be the perfect occasion to try another gradient. I went with pink to white so it was nice and girly. I'm quite proud of this gradient, it's the smoothest I've managed to get one.

I did a base colour of Essie We're In This Together. I painted W7 White and We're In This Together onto a make-up sponge and then sponged into my nails, I think I did this two or three times to get the gradient I liked. I added a little butterfly stamp to my ring finger using Cheeky plate CH50 and Miss Sporty 205. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I added the little butterfly accent as an after though when I remembered that the theme that my friend had done for the little party afterwards is pink and butterfly's. So I had to add the cute stamp to the gradient. Now for panicking about what to wear to a Christening...


Narwhals, Narwhals, Swimming in the Ocean...

If you don't know that song then I highly suggest you watch this video. Anyway, the cling film mani I posted a few days ago wasn't the best so after a while I decided to add an accent nail. I also added another blue over the top of the rest of the nails to try to help it stand out a bit more.... Boy, that didn't work.
I added the narwhal using A England Galahad, with King Arthur for the kick-ass facial horn. I used the Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black for the outline and his eye. I also added a layer of Barry M Cyan Blue, which I then dabbed a ball of cling film over to the rest of my nails. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
Cyan Blue did not make the cling film nails stand out as I wanted it to. You can see they do look different to the ring finger background, but it doesn't stand out against the other blues, you can just see the shimmer from  Gosh Ocean peeking out a little bit.


Cling Film Technique

I finally decided to try the cling film technique, although the colours I used leave everything to be desired. I used two blues, that as it turned out were too close in colour to be very noticeable.
I did a base colour of Barielle Swizzle Stix. I then did a coat of Gosh Ocean and dabbed a ball of cling film over that to remove some of the colour. I topped it all of with China Glaze Fast Forward.
So I wish I had used a darker blue over Swizzle Stix, you can just about see the difference in the colours in the pictures, it was a bit more noticeable in real life, but not by much. I think next time I decide to re-try this technique I will use more contrasting colours.



I found a pin on Pintrest a while ago, so I finally thought I'd give it a go as I seem to be completely stuck for ideas at the moment. You can see the original nails here. I change it around a tiny bit, I did the accent nail with spots, and the stripes on the rest, I also used did much bigger spots.
I did a base colour of W7 White. I then added striping tape and added the rainbow colours using Rimmel Double Decker Red, Barry M Block Orange, Yellow, Spring Green, Cyan Blue and Bright Purple. Once I did all the stripes I used a large dotting tool and the same colours for the ring finger. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I really like these nails, even though they took AGES! Also I had quite a few compliments on them while I was at work. One lady even though they were decals I had stuck on. So kudos to Missandelinne who did the original design, as I don't think I would have thought about doing rainbow stripes in this particular way.


Blue and Silver Stars

I had an idea of a blue to silver gradient stamping, and it was so much better in my head than it actually turned out. Oh well, I'm going to show it to you anyway, as I quite like the accent nail I did.
I did a base colour if China Glaze Smoke & Ashes. I then stamped using Accessorize Aquamarine and Barry M Silver Foil, with an image from Cheeky plate CH51. I used three stars that were in a glitter stack given to me by a friend on the accent nail. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I love the little stars, I mean how cute are they, plus they don't bleed their colour out when you top coat them. The only thing is the lie flat so the corners stick up a tiny bit, so I've had to add 2 more coats of top coat over them to stop them snagging on things. But they are so worth it. I think I need some in more colours.


Star-Trekking Across the Universe

Today I'm boldly going where I have gone before. I did a Star Trek mani agesss ago, but as the new one is out today I just had to do nails for it. I went for the same sort of nails I did last time with the three colours, command gold, medical and science blue, and engineering and security red and the others as a nebula. Also holding something that isn't a polish bottle for photos is the most awkward thing ever, so please excuse my weird hand poses for this post.
The blue on my ring finger was a mix of Barry M Cyan Blue, A England Galahad and W7 White. The Yellow was a mix of Barry M Yellow, Spring Green and W7 White. The other colours I used were China Glaze Adventure Red-y, W7 Black, Barry M Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Gosh Holographic Hero, La Femme un-named green and purple. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
As you can see the yellow is not at all the right shade for the shirts they wore, but I spent ages mixing colours and it was either too olive green or too yellow. So I gave up and went with the too yellow colour. I think I need to buy Opi Did It On 'Em as that looks like it would be pretty close to the colour I need.