Teal and Purple

I'm still going with crazy colour combos, I'm not as crazy about this one as the teal and orange though. I also went with different finishes in this mani aswell, with some matte and glossy-ness going on. 

I did Sinful Colors Savage on my thumb (which isn't pictured), ring. and pinkie with Sinful Colours I Love You over Barry M Plum on the index and middle. I added some square studs and stamped with Barry M Silver Foil using Bundle Monster plate BM-201. I topped it off with Gosh Matte Effect and China Glaze Fast Forward top coats.

I was going to do the whole mani glossy but Savage just looks so amazing matte, but I didn't want I Love You to be matte, so I decided to experiment with the different finishes.


Clashing Colours

This mani is inspired by The Nailasaurus, she did a simple colour mani a little while ago, and I loved it so I thought I would give it a go. I did different colours to hers as I really wanted to use an orange polish for some reason. 

I did base colours of Sinful Colors Savage, China Glaze Riveting and W7 White. The glitter in my index is Sinful Colors Nail Junkie. I stamping using Moyou Black and Bundle Monster image plate BM-201. I added gold studs and then topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I loved wearing this mani. The colour combo was so amazing to me, I don't know why. I also love the way Sam did the nails so that most of them could be considered accent nails. I think I will be doing nails like this for a little while as I just love them.


Blue Gradient

Something simple today, in the form of a blue holo gradient. Not the best gradient, as I still trying different techniques for them to see what works best for me. 

I did a base of W7 White and then sponged on Hits Apolo and Poseiden, again Poseidon was more sheer than Apolo, which made the sponging a bit awkward for me. I topped it off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

Hits Apolo is so gorgeous though, it's definitely a favourite of  the Hits polish I own. I didn't think I would love it as much as I do.


Houndstooth Stamping Attempt

My stamping skills seem to be improving a bit so I thought I'd try an image I've always had problems with. The houndstooth image on Bundle Monster plate BM-322 is my nemesis, I have never got it to stamp properly. I swear it's going to be my mission in life at the moment. Anyway... On to the pictures of the really bad stamping, I bet you're well excited for them.

I did a base colour of Opi Ink. I stamped using Barry M Silver Foil and added some square studs to the accent nail. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

It's not the best execution is it? But I love this image so I will continue to use it in the hopes that one day (when I'm 50) I will manage to get it to look lovely. It looks fine in my index finger, but that's really the best nail I've done ever with this image.


Baby in a Trenchcoat

I originally wanted to do Spyro the Dragon nails today, but that didn't turn out well. I'll post a picture of the one nail I did do at the end of this post though as I want to post everything I do onto this blog. Anyway after the frustration of the Spyro nail I remembered this nail design here by A Study In Polish. I've wanted to give these Castiel nails a go for about a month now, so here they are;

I did a base colour of China Glaze Kalahari Kiss. Once that had dried I used W7 White, Black, China Glaze Man Hunt with Barry M Cobalt Blue with a cut down striping brush for the details. I did Cobalt Blue as highlights on the tie so it would look like it was backwards, that didn't work though as the two blues are far too close in colour for it too show up. I topped it all of with Gosh Matte Effect top coat.

As you can see I've done the wings a bit too small, but I think you can still tell what they're supposed to be. Also I realised that Kalahari Kiss is almost a nude on me, but it looks too yellow to be nude in the bottle. I still glad I bought this colour though, as I wasn't sure I like it but I do. Plus this was one coat of it, one! 

Here is my little attempt at Spyro, it's not the best is it. I'm gonna keep practising him though because I so need to do Spyro nails.



I suck at naming posts. It's another mani done using entirely A England polishes, I mean I had to as I feel I haven't used them in ages! Plus the sun was out when I did these so I tried to capture the wonderful holoy-ness (that's not a word...) of them. But my camera seems to have such a hard time with holos. It makes me sad I can't capture the wonderful-ness of holo polishes.

I did a base colour of A England Tristam, which is quite as dark as it appears here. Once that was dry I taped off a triangle of my nail and painted A England Princess Tears over that. I added a silver stud to my ring finger and topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I'm so glad I went with these colours, as I was going to use Dragon instead of Princess Tears, but decided against that. Although thinking about it Dragon and Princess Tears might look lovely together. I feel another tape mani coming on...


Sky's the Limit

My camera had such a hard time with the holo base I used here, it just didn't want to pick it up at all. It is more holo than it comes across in these pictures, honest. I think Hits Apolo might be my favourite from the No Olimpo collection, it's such a stunning blue.

I did Apolo as the base colour, it wasn't as sheer as the others I've used from this collection as went on wonderfully in two coats. I stamped using Bundle Monster plates BM-312, BM-305 and Moyou White. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward

The sun was out when I took these photos, so I did indeed take them outside, my very first outside photos! Taking photo's outside probably isn't going to happen often here though. 


Stamped Gradient attempt #2

This stamped gradient looks less messy that the first one I tried, although it's still not as gradient-y as I'd like. As you can see there is a line where the two colours meet. I also have no idea why the darker blue is at the bottom on my middle finger. 

I did a base colour of Manhattan 5. I stamped the gradient using Cheeky plate CH13 and Accessorize Aquamarine and Accessorize Sapphire. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

These Manhattan polishes are so worth the 49p I paid for them, this blue could have been a one coater! Yeah I obviously need lots of practice in the stamped gradient area. I might try different ways of doing it I think.


Roses and Stripes

I love the look the the free hand roses I've seen about lately, and I was always a bit apprehensive about trying them as I'm not the best at teeny lines. But this tutorial by The Nailasaurus made it look much less complicated that I though they would be. So here is my attempt at them...

I did a base colours of W7 White, except I used Barielle Swizzle Stix on my index and middle fingers. I used China Glaze Designer Stain mixed with white, Rimmel Double Decker Red and A England Isuelt for the roses. I added some stripes on the rest of my nails using Swizzle Stixs. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast forward.

I used a large dotting tool for the largest part of the rose and two different sized striping brushes for the rest of the detailing. I should have mixed a lighter colour of the highlights of the rose, as Iseult has not shown up that much, it just gives some of the rose a shimmer. Overall I'm quite proud of these, I think I might be doing some more in the future.



I found Sally Hansen Spectrum in Poundland a while ago and then promptly forgot about it, I think I need to start leaving polishes I buy in full view until I use them as I think I've got about 20 I haven't used at the moment. Spectrum is gorgeous! I think I need to do many layering experiments with it. I played it safe and have shown it layered over black here.

As I have just said the base colour is W7 Black. I did two coats of Spectrum over it, and it looks spectacular. I added two gold studs to every nail as I just couldn't have the polish alone. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I had to take a picture at a weird angle to show the duochrome-y goodness. The purple shows up much more over black that it does in the bottle, I'm so tempted to layer it over a dark purple. In short this polish was a bargain at only £1.


Summery Glitter

I feel like I haven't used my glequins for ages, so I went for a summery look using them. I decided to try out different placements of the glitter, as when I've used them before I feel like I've always done a full nail with them.

I did a base colour of Catrice Ernie and Birdy. I did the third coat one nail at a time adding the glitter to the nails while it was wet. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I really love the way the index finger looks, I might do more like that rather than a full nail in the future I think. Also it made me think of doing a half and half nail like that aswell, with half the nail plain and the other half glequins.


Tickled Pink

A very pink mani today, using a stamping image I've used plenty of times before. I don't have much to say about this mani, so on to the pictures!

I did a base colour of Essie We're in it Together. Once that was dry I did the stamping using Bundle Monster plate BM-210 with Miss Sporty 205. The glitter accents on my ring finger were done using a small striping brush and Nails Inc Buckingham Street. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I decided to add the glitter accents because I thought it looked a bit boring with all the nails the same. I thought about having glitter on all the nails might have been overkill, so I went with a less is more approach.