Happy Halloween!

I'm actually going to do my Halloween plans (of watching horror movies and eating junk food) tomorrow because I'm actually working today. I do however have these completely unoriginal nail for you today. The pumpkin and ghost nails are from these that I've wanted to do since like last year. Also I can't seem to find the blog they come from just the pin... Also the patchwork nails are from this tutorial from Nailasaurus, although I did it all with a striping brush as I was feeling far too impatient for using tape.
I did base colours of Opi Suzi Take The Wheel and 2True Mila. For all the details I also used Sinful Colors Innocent, Barry M Bright Purple, Moyou Black, White. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I do love these nails, they're just so cute. I'm also so glad I didn't do Frankie as a whole nail like I was going to, but he looked odd like that with the others, plus you can (sort of) see his head bolt with him like this.