Catching Fire

The odds were not in my favour with these nails. I took like five times of doing the mockingjay to get it too look the way it does here, and it's still not as I'd like it. These were doomed from the moment I picked up a bottle of polish, literally I dropped Smoke and Ashes, all over the carpet, then I spilt acetone while trying to clean the mess up... But I was determined to do them! Plus I kept to the challenge I set myself at the end of my last Hunger Games nails, to use only the Hunger Games collection from China Glaze.
I did base colours of Riveting , Harvest Moon and Smoke and Ashes. The "flames" were done with Electrify and Smoke and Ashes. I added some of the glitter at the top as well to looks like sparks. I used Stone Cold for the lettering on the middle finger. I did the mockingjay with Harvest Moon with a little Fast Track for highlights. I topped it all of with China Glaze Fast Forward.

Needless to say that these didn't come out the way I imagined them. I seriously need to practise my lettering though, maybe I shouldn't have left that nail last as by the time I got to it I just wanted it all to be over. The only nails I'd say I'm happy with are the flame nails, as they did come out as I thought they would.