Cute Fox

A few days ago I did badger nail based on a jumper, well today I did the same sort of nail, but with a cute little fox instead. I also went for stripes instead of glitter as I don't own any glitter that would have worked well for this mani.
I did a base colours of A England Guinevere, and MUA Shade 5 (it's the mint green). I added Guinevere and A England Saint George over Shade 5 using the cling-film technique. I used the same colours and a cut down striping brush for the stripes on the thumb and index. I used the same brush with 2True Mila, and Moyou Black and White for the fox. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

As you can see I had some trouble doing the foxes face, but the more I tried to correct it the worse it seemed to get, so I left it like this. Does anyone have any ideas as to any other animals I could do in a mani like this?