Mauve and Blue Skittle

I love me a good skittle, and some A Englands! It was because I love those things that this mani was born. I wanted to use my A Englands Galahad and Guinevere together, and I bought new makeup sponges to use for gradients from Primark. 
I used Galahad and Guinevere as base colours of all nails except the middle and pinky which I used a base of W7 White. I added Sinful Colors Nail Junkie to my index and some black studs to the thumb and ring fingers. I sponged Galahad and Guinevere over the white on the two remaining fingers until I was happy with the gradient I had. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I am so pleased with how well the sponges from Primark worked, as the sponges I bought before these were crap. Plus the Primark ones were only £1 for 20!