Squirtle, I choose you!

Right, so after my last nail art, which I was so uninspired before, I found this tutorial of Squirtle! Yay, praise the Pokemon gods! I only had an hour to do these nails as I was going out, so everything was a little rushed, but I am so happy about the way Squirtle came out! I think you can tell it's supposed to be him. 
I did base colours of A England Galahad, with China Glaze Kalahari Kiss on the ring finger. I used a cut down striping brush and China Glaze Electric Pineapple, Moyou White, Black, Essie We're All In This Together, Manhattan 2, and a baby blue Claire's polish that doesn't seem to even have a number on it. I stamped on the rest of the fingers with CH9 and Moyou White. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

 I need practise of teeny lines, but I don't really do anything this detailed that often. I seriously love these nails though, if only doing Bulbasaur didn't look so daunting I'd give him a go aswell.... Maybe in a few months, or a year or something.