When going through the pictures of these to write this post, I realized I could not, for the life of me, remember what the darker purple I used was... Really I should have known that because I was going to save posts for after Christmas, that I was going to forget stuff and therefore written down what I used! Well, I will learn from my mistakes.
I did base colours of A England Galahad, A England Guinevere, with W7 White for under the gradient. I stamped using A England Tristam, and the purple might be Sally Hansen Pronto Purple, but I'm not 100% on that. I used the stamping colours for the gradient, to make it stand out a bit more against the base colours. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I can't believe I'm not sure what the purple is. Also just to warn you all, the post I have to show you in a few days, I also can't remember what colours I used, I shall see myself out... The shame.


Silver and Green

Hey! I hope everyone had wonderful holidays! I've hardly blogged in the last month, I'm so sorry about that, but work was way more hectic than it was last year for some reason, so I hadn't been getting out until about 9 every night... It's been crap! Even when I've had time to do my nails, I'd been to exhausted to do any. Anyway, I'm back to my normal hours now, so hopefully once I get back into the swing of things, everything will be running as normal here.
I did base colours of China Glaze Exotic Encounters and China Glaze Watermelon Rind. I stamped using Barry M Silver Foil, and Cheeky jumbo plate 3. I added some silver studs to the accent nails, and topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I was going to do stamping over Watermelon Rind, but I couldn't bring myself to cover it up, so I just added some studs. It's just a stunning colour!


Inspired by Mr Candiipants

Yup, I really wanted to actually do some freehand nail art this month, but I feel so drained at the moment I had no ideas come to me what so ever! Then I remembered these amazing nails posted by Mr Candiipants, and I knew I just had to re create them. I went with a slightly different colour scheme though, as I still wanted to use red and green in the mani. I also rounded off my nail to try to get them to stop breaking at work at the moment, I hate them! I can't wait until I can go back to my normal work schedule and I can square them off.
I did base colours of China Glaze Kalahari Kiss, with a gradient (that you can't even see!) of A England Dragon and Saint George. The freehand details were done using Moyou White, China Glaze Adventure-Redy, and Chine Glaze Starboard. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

Before I started these, I was so worried about doing the deer, but it turned out that doing the deer was fine. Once I had done the deer, however it turned out the tree were going to be a pain, as you can see by the time I got to my pinkie I forgot how to tree. Don't even ask about my how other hand turned out....


Xmas mani done without green

I keep going to use green all the time now that it's Christmas, so today I tried to not use any green. While doing this I realized how gorgeous A England Perceval actually is! 
I did base colours of A England Perceval, and W7 Black. I used DIFFERENT Dimension Don't Be The Santa of Everything over black. I stamped over the red using Barry M Gold Foil and MoYou Princess plate 09. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

Sorry about the super blurry pictures, I didn't realize how blurry all the pictures I took where until I put them on the computer, and by then I had ruined these nails at work.


Navy xmas jumper

 Here's another Christmas jumper mani! I haven't gone with the usual colour combo of red and green this time though. I've noticed that quite a lot of Christmas jumper tend to be navy, which isn't really a festive colour, but I went with that today, and I must admit I loved the outcome of this more than I thought I would. 
I did a base colour of China Glaze Man Hunt. Once that was dry I stamped over it with Moyou White, and MoYou Festive plate 04. I topped everything with Gosh Matte Effect Top Coat.

I forgot how much easier it is too take photos of matte nails!I really should use my matte top coat more often. I definitely think these still look quite festive, I just wish I had been able to stamp the image a bit better. 


MoYou and Glitter

I'm taking a teeny break from the Christmas manis at the moment, but only because I just couldn't wait to use one of my new polishes. It's Dollish Polish Things Are Looking Very GRIMM, when I got it my mum said it looked like snakeskin, which it kinda does I suppose... Although when I look at it it makes me think of Loki, however I may have bought this, not only because I liked the way it looked, but also because of the name, I love me some Grimm! 
I did a base colour of W7 Black. I did two coats of Things Are Looking Very Grimm on the middle and index. I stamped using MoYou Princess plate 09 with Barry M Gold Foil, and NYC Magic Earth. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

Despite having TALVG upside down for like fifteen minutes before using it, it took a lot of fishing to get that one large circle out. I still love this polish though, although maybe next time I use it I'll see how many coats it take to be opaque.


Christmas Jumper Nails!

I had a few ideas of xmas manis to do the other day, but I should have written them down because now my brain has completely forgotten them all! Then behold I got wondrous things in the mail the day after, in the form of some MoYou plates and nail polish from Rainbow Connection. One of the polishes I bought was an xmas one, along with a festive MoYou plate. So this mani was born, and I love it!
I did base colours of W7 White and Nails Inc Culross Street. I stamped over the white with Konad Red and Culross Street using an image from MoYou festive 04. I layered Different Dimension Don't Be The Santa Of Everything over the green. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I obviously need loads of practise on placing the stamping straight, but the middle went on perfectly the first time and the other two were the third attempt, so I just gave up and had them wonky. Rainbow might be my new place to look for polishes when I get paid now, my first Different Dimension was amazing, and I can't wait to use the two Dollish Polish ones I bought. I already have plans for the one, but I'm not sure I can pull it off.


Quick Christmas Skittle

I dug out a christmas-y looking green polish (well it's more of a teal, but it looked better than the other greens I own), along with a red that I actually forgot I owned. Plus this mani includes my very first Konad stamping polish, woo! Although I think that I could have used Perceval for stamping, but I forgot I owned it, but the Konad works much better than any of the other red I've used for stamping.
I did base colours of W7 White, China Glaze Watermelon Rind, and A England Perveval. I stamped some snowflakes from BM-319 using Moyou White, and a christmas jumper looking image from NC03 with Konad Red. I sponged on a gradient on my pinkie with Watermelon Rind and Perceval. I then topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

Not the best Christmas nail I know, but I really wasn't sure about what I wanted to do to be honest.


Just a little notice

I work in a card shop so xmas is a completely mental time of year for me, so I'm going be posting a bit all over the place for the rest of this month. I usually have about a months worth of  scheduled posts on this blog, and post every other day, with the exception of the few Halloween manis and the occasional movie mani. However I'll probably do quite a few xmas manis, so I might not have time to post those as well as the scheduled posts, so I'm going to save my scheduled posts for january. This means that my posting might be all over the place during this month, I will still try to post a few times a week though. 

So prepare for erratic posting and xmas mani galore this month! I can already sense the few followers I have gearing up to leave, so I'm sorry in advance for this month. 


A England Just Blue Me Away

These two blues have got to be my favourite out of the ones I own, I always seem to pick them up when I want to do something blue on my nails. Plus they look perfect together, I mean look at them! 
I did base colours of A England Tristam and Galahad. I stamped over Galahad with Tristam and Cheeky jumbo plate 3. I added some studs on the other two nails and topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I really love the Cheeky image plate I got from here, I've only tried a few on the images but every single one of them has worked wonderfully. The only problem is my stamping skills.