Mermaids, and Seashells

These seashell studs might just be one of my favourite nail things ever! You can get them from here, and they come in two different sizes as-well, I bought the teeny ones, and they are the perfect size for my nails. I was looking at my stamping plates for a design to use with these, when I remembered the little mermaids on MoYou Fairytale plate 02, and they went together wonderfully!
I did a base colour of a claires un-named baby blue, with a subtle gradient of Barry M Lemon I/C and and Un-named Color Club coral on the ring finger. I stamped the images from MoYou Fairytale plate 02 using Moyou Black, and Accessorize Sapphire. The glitter on the index is Claire's Little Peacock. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I seriously loved wearing these nails, I wore them for about five days before they got really chipping and I had to take them off.



I did a similar mani to this ages ago, I don't even know when I did it, but I thought I'd try it again, as I remember that I liked it. I wasn't sure about what base colour to use with the silver though, so I went with the two I really wanted to use.
I used A England Tristam on the middle and ring, with A England Saint George on the rest. Once they were dry I taped sections of and painted Barry M Silver Foil over the tape. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I need to pay more attention to where I'm placing the tape, I never seemed to get the squares centred on my nail. Practise makes perfect and all that.


Green-y Gold

I was sorting out my nail art supplies, when I discovered my teeny bullion beads. I can't believe I forgot I had them. I already had the colours I wanted to use for my stamping I had in mind out, and I noticed that one of the coloured beads was pretty much the exact colour I was stamping with, and immediately I knew I had an accent nail to do.
I did a base colour of Manglaze Nawesome Sauce. I stamped using 2True Arete, and Moyou Suki plate 07. I added the bullion to the ring finger to create a v-gap, and topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I always wonder what base colour to use Arete with when I'm looking at it, and it's green-y gold tone goes wonderfully with this dark green, so I might have to do a few experiments with it I think.


Sea Monster?

The little "Nessie" monster on Moyou's Fairytale plate 02 is so frakking cute, I didn't use all of her here though, as I had already put on the glitter polish. My placement is a bit off on the index, but I had done it three times, and every time it came out in the same place. So I gave up, so little Nessies nose has been cut off a little.
I did a base colour of Barielle Berry Blue, with Crowstoes Gomez on the pinkie and thumb. I stamped using A England Princess Tears and MoYou fairytale plate 02. I topped it all of with China Glaze Fast Forward.

The award for the worst photography goes to me. I seriously don't know what I was thinking when I took the thumb picture, it's awful. I'm so sorry.


The MoYou explorer plate 14 has some cute little bear paws images on it, and I knew as soon as it arrived that it would probably be the first thing I used from that plate. I used my other Scofflaw polish as the base, it's amazing!
This Scofflaw polish is Drop Dead Fred, I used it on it's own and two coats over Sinful Colors Pistache (on the middle, ring, and thumb). I stamped using MoYou explorer plate 14 and Nails Inc Old Park Lane. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I think I prefer this polish layered, rather than three coats on it's own, I'll probably be wearing this loads in spring. 


Inspired by a polish label

It's definitely a first, I've never looked at the label at the bottom of a polish and though "that's going on my nails". It happened though, and even though these nails have less going on than I'm generally used to I still love them. I mean it's got a dino on it, so it was obviously love. Plus I was wearing these when I went to see Walking with Dinosaurs in the cinema, and it wasn't even planned, we were supposed to be Anchorman 2... Anyway! Onto the nails!
I used Scofflaw Chromosaurus Hex on all nails except my index, where my base was A England Guinevere. The little dino was done using A England Saint George and a cut down striper brush. I topped it all off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

This Scofflaw polish was a dream to work with! I only used two coats, plus the glitter payoff was perfect, I can't wait to use the other one I bought now. 


A splash of colour?

I don't really have much to say about these nails, except maybe that I should have used a different stamping colour, as the shimmer seemed to blend into the stamping after a glossy top coat.
I did a base colour of Manglaze ILF. Once that had dried I stamped on the index and ring with Barry M Silver Foil and MoYou princess plate 02. I used one coat of Glam Polish Juggling Jupiter on the ring finger to add some more colour to the whole mani, as the gradient I did with ILF and Sinful Colors Savage didn't seem to pop that much. Although it was more noticeable in real life that it was in photos. I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I was so unsure about how Juggling Jupiter would look over ILF, but I'm so glad I used it as I think it looks fab, I just wish my camera had picked up the yellow in it a bit more.


Keep Breathing

As soon as I saw Cadillacquer Keep Breathing, I just knew I had to use it in a skittle. I mean the mint green and the lilac just look so great together, I didn't have colours that matching Keep Breathing exactly so I used the ones that were closest.
Cadillacquer Keep Breathing is on my middle finger, I used two coats, and it's beautiful! The other colours are Barry M Mint Green, and Berry I/C, with a little stamping using NC03 and Miss Sporty 206 thrown in for good measure. The little sea shell is from here, and they come on two sizes, I got the smaller size, and they are just so freaking cute!  I topped everything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I loved this mani! It seems like the last few mani's I've done have been quite dark, so it was nice have some pastel going on. I still need to figure out the right setting on my camera for the new lamp I bought, as although my hands don't look too bad (I hope), they look slighter red in the photos.


Black, Blue, and Silver

I'm so good at naming posts... At least you'll have no surprises about what colours I've used here. I've attempted a glitter gradient today, now I don't think it looks too bad, although I do think that I could do with some practise doing them.
I used quite a few colours here so, I'm going to tell you what I used rather than ramble on for ages about what went where and whatnot. W7 Black, Barielle Sky's The Limit, Barry M Silver Foil, Girly Bits 8 Crazy Nights, and Accessorize Aquamarine. I added a cute little star, as a little 3d accent and topped averything off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

The star is from a wheel full of them, I got it from here, but they don't seem to have them anymore, I would check out the shop though (super low prices). I can't wait until the weather gets a bit better and I feel like I can put neon stars on my nails.


Crazy on You

I bought a few polishes from Rainbow Connection (who are closed until the end of the month right now) a little while ago, and while I really wanted to wear them all right then and there, I managed to control myself. I'm going to show you a mani with my fave first though, seriously I love this way more than I thought I would. It's Wingdust Crazy on You, and it's beautiful.
I didn't use Crazy on You on it's own today though, I've layered it over Barielle Berry Blue. I did more nimbus nails on the rest of my nails in the most co-coordinating colours I had, which are A England Tristam, Barry M Bright Purple, and and un-named blue Primark polish. I used W7 White as the base for the nimbus nails. Everything was topped off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I will I had been able to photograph these nail much better than I did, I mean Crazy on You is so pretty and it just doesn't show here*sad face*. I also still need so much practice doing nimbus nails, I need to really work on getting the right consistancy before splodging it on my nails.



I bought MoYou stamping plates in December, but didn't use them as they weren't at all festive. I got explorer plates 18 and 20, I also like the look of plate 14, but I think I would be tremendously crap at using the design on that plate, as it's just one big design rather than a few different ones. 
I did a base colour of China Glaze Desert Sun, it's an amazing pottery colour, well except that "pottery" is not a colour... I stamping using Explorer plate 18 in Moyou black. I topped it all off with Gosh Matte effect top coat, as it just felt more Greek pottery like than a glossy top coat for some reason.

Right, you how at the beginning of this post I basically said that the full image plates freaked me out a little, well, instead of just spending time writing this post, I spent like 20 mins on the Moyou website, and I bought 3 full design plates, this could end badly, but I can't wait for them to get here!