Crazy on You

I bought a few polishes from Rainbow Connection (who are closed until the end of the month right now) a little while ago, and while I really wanted to wear them all right then and there, I managed to control myself. I'm going to show you a mani with my fave first though, seriously I love this way more than I thought I would. It's Wingdust Crazy on You, and it's beautiful.
I didn't use Crazy on You on it's own today though, I've layered it over Barielle Berry Blue. I did more nimbus nails on the rest of my nails in the most co-coordinating colours I had, which are A England Tristam, Barry M Bright Purple, and and un-named blue Primark polish. I used W7 White as the base for the nimbus nails. Everything was topped off with China Glaze Fast Forward.

I will I had been able to photograph these nail much better than I did, I mean Crazy on You is so pretty and it just doesn't show here*sad face*. I also still need so much practice doing nimbus nails, I need to really work on getting the right consistancy before splodging it on my nails.