The Art of Subtlety

The stamping I have to show you today, looks much better in real life, as the light stamping polish was a bit too light for my camera to pick it up properly. It's a sparkly holo with a lilac shift, whichyou can sort of see in some of the photos.
I did take a wonderful macro shot of these, but accidentaly deleted it... Reasons why you should use the recycle bin on the laptop! So when you stupidly delete things you can get them back. These have a slightly icy feel about them due to the shift and colour of the stamping, I might have to put it with a baby blue of white base and see what happened then.

What I Used;
Barry M Lychee
A England Dancing With Nureyev
Bundle Monster 205


Red Stamping

Red is a colour I pretty much never use, but I was going through my stamping polishes, when I remembered A England Perceval. It's a gorgeous shimmery red that works beautifully for stamping, so I got out a nude polish to use as it's base and these happened.
I love how these turned out, but I think it might just be because of a sense of accomplishment, as when I started stamping I would never have got a stamping image like this to work for me. Any stamping image with this much coverage was a massive no no when I started and I had to use smaller images. So yay for me. 

What I Used;
Barry M Lychee
A England Perceval
Moyou Pro Plate 02



Aren't my post titles imaginative...? In all honesty I do suck at post titles and they probably are never going to get any better. Anyway onto the chevrons, that I could not for the life of my photograph correctly, so for the first time in ages I had to colour correct these on the laptop, and they still didn't look right, the yellow isn't anywhere near as neon as it looks here.
The colour I used for the chevrons look nothing in this mani like they do in the bottle, as the yellow base seemed to just seep through and give a weird tint the the pink and the blues I used. The pink has become a coral, and both blues have been muted somewhat. I will say that I quite like the weird tint the yellow polish gave the other colours, it pulled the colour scheme I picked together quite nicely.

What I Used;
Barry M Limited Yellow that doesn't have a shade name on the bottle.
Barry M Dragonfruit
China Glaze Man Hunt
Sally Hansen Sky's The Limit
Chevron vinyls.


Stripes Are Looking Very Grimm

The glitter base I've used today I've had for over a year, and I hardly ever use it, so I just knew I had to get it out and do something with it. It's Dollish Polish Things Are Looking Very Grimm, and I do love it, but I think I hardly ever use it as the base is a bit watery, so I find it hard to pick up much glitter without really fishing for them. I'm going to have to try to thicken it up to see if that helps.
Once I'd put my base down I had no idea of what to put over it, so I just went for some simple gold stripes to keep with the green and gold colour scheme Grimm has. Also sorry about the pictures today, the lighting where I usually take my photos (me bedroom window) failed my and I had to find a new spot, so they're a bit iffy.

Bonus Macro!!
What I Used;
Dollish Polish Things Are Looking Very Grimm
Barry M Gold Foil
Cut down striping brush


Sparkle and Stamping

I had the stamping polish of A England Crown of Thistles, and these were built around that idea. I didn't want Crown of Thistles as a full nail accent as it looks so bright against my skintone, so I dug out the always amazing Danglefoot Cosmic Girl for the accents instead. They added just the right amount of sparkle.
These seems to bright to me compared to the last few manis, so I don't know how long they'll stay on but I do love them. A England holos work so well for stamping, they always seem to be ones I get out when I want to stamp even if I don't end up using them. 

What I Used;
Barry M Lychee
A England Crown of Thistles
Danglefoot Cosmic Girl
Nailz Craze 03


Stamped Swirls

Something nice and subtle today, one of my favourite base colours with some sparkly stamping, what's not too love! I think I've done these exact nails before, but I love them anyway, they gave me a weird sense of deja vu, once I finished them. I've never had that with nails before.
I love this colour combo so much, it's subtle but still stands out enough to be interesting. 
I think it's the holo and bronze shift that Dragon has, that makes it such a wonderful stamping polish, every time I use it for stamping I always end up just staring at my nails for ages.

What I Used;
A England Dragon
OPI Thanks A Windmillion
Moyou Princess 09


Mix n Match

Just a quick post today, as I don't really have much to say about these nails, other than I didn't really like them and took them off after only an hour. Putting them on the blog, as I planned to put everything on here, and I can't really pinpoint what I didn't like this about mani, as I like each nail individually, but not together.
The cleanup leaves everything to be desired I know but that black was a nightmare to clean up, and stained my hands after I'd taken this mani off aswell. Now I know why I only use it for little bits of nail art.

What I Used;
A England Dragon
W7 Black
Chevron vinyls
Three sizes dotting tools


Polka Dots

It's rather gloomy and cold here in Wales, weather wise lately, but I still really wanted to do some minty green spotty nails, as they'd been in my mind for a little while now. My little minty green collection meant that I could do a rather autumnal looking minty mani. That's got to be the most I've ever used the word minty in my life... I do love my autumnal darker colours, so I'm actually quite pleased the weather has started to turn, big scarves and cosy jumpers here I come! So expect lots of darker colours on the blog until summer I think.
As you can tell I'm not so good at keeping my dots all uniform in size, some are a little bigger than others, but over all I loved these. Plus they were so quick and easy to do, that's always a win for me, as soon I'll pretty much be living at work and I won't have as much time to do my nails as often.

What I Used;
MUA Shade5
Barry M White
Small dotting tool


Green and Bronze

The base polish I used here is one I swear I haven't used for like a year, why?! It's a gorgeous polish, so I going to make a point of wearing it quite a bit over this winter. I went with bronze stamping as for some reason I always think that bronze will look best with this green.
I did stamping accent nails, as I wanted to show off the base colour, so I just added some triangle embellishments from She Sells Sea Shells,(which they don't seems to have in stock at the moment) the triangles are silver, but the back of them are bronze so I put them on the wrong way to match.

What I Used;
Manglaze Nawsome Sauce
Nails Inc Old Park Lane
Nailz Craze 03 stamping plate



I love me some stripes! Although I will admit I'm not the biggest fan of these nails, I think I did too many stripes, plus they're not the cleanest. Practice is needed for freehand stripes. 
I tried to match the finish of the polishes I used for the stripes, I thought some of them might look a bit odd if they were in a different finish from the rest. Plus I love the way the shimmery polishes look against the creme base.

What I Used;
Barry M Lychee
Barielle The Sky's The Limit
OPI Cuckoo For This Colour
E.L.F Party Purple
Cut down striping brush


Colour Blocks

I love seeing people colour block nails, but I hardly ever do them myself as waiting for the polish to dry so I can use the tape makes me wanna cry most of them time. However I now have a super fast drying top coat (HK Girl) so that made this much easier! 
I mixed a few different finishes for these, rather than just using cremes like I usually would. A shiimery base, followed by a holo, and a glitter bomb! I love these, I might be doing them in different colour schemes in the future.

What I Used;
Essie We're All In This Together
Danglefoot Prince Charming
Danglefoot Cosmic Girl


Back to Basics

Going right back to basics today, the good old stamping. For about a year stamping was the only nail art I did, and I feel like I hardly ever do it these days. I should do some stamping more often, I mean it's just so quick and easy to do.
I had A England Tristam out (a polish I desperately need a new bottle of) andI remembered it being gorgeous to stamp with, so these happened. My camera was on the wrong setting for these photo's so they all seem to have a lovely blue tinge to them... *Mental note to self, check camera settings!* 

What I Used;
A England Tristam
Barry M White



I'm back! I didn't mean to take over two weeks off from this blog, but I never quite felt like blogging, even though I had started painting my nails again, plus I knew I was having two weeks of work because of work closing, so I thought I'd wait to have time off to back my blogging back on schedule. Wow, that was a long sentence. I'm still not 100% so I'm doing simple nails art for a little while, until I get my nail mojo back, so just a simple dotticure today.
A few weeks ago, I did a little swatch book of all my polishes in an attempt to get myself to stop using the same polishes all the time, and so far it's working. I used a few polishes I haven't used in ages, plus one I've never used for these.

What I Used;
Barry M Gold Foil
China Glaze Man Hunt
E.L.F Light Red
Barielle Sizzle Stix
Small Dotting tool


I'm going to be taking a mini break

Yes I'm going to be taking a little while off, as I've had to have my dog put down today. It wasn't expected at all and I'm heartbroken. I'll be back once I'm feeling a bit better.


Simple Stripes

I've been meaning to do some striped nails for a little while now, as I love they way they look, but I knew as I haven't done much freehand lately they would probably be done with striping tape. I hate using striping tape, it takes so long to stick down and I can never get them straight or even. So I went with half striped nails, so I could minimise the use of tape, yay!
I love this minty green by Primark, I just wish they would name their polishes, as every single one I have by them doesn't even have a number to help name them. I was going to use a darker green  and white for the stripes but at the last minute went with black and white, I'm glad I did.
What I Used;
Primark un-named
W7 Black
Barry M White
Striping tape



I was wondering what I could use as inspiration for my next nail art, when I realized that it was sitting in on my windowsill! My Pop! Daredevil vinyl, he's just so cute I had to put him on my nails, and also to forget to take a photo of him while I had these nails on, I'm smart like that.
It took a few tries to get Daredevil looking how I pictured him, as because of that he ending up looking a bit messy. I am however so pleased with how the logo turned out, I haven't done any freehand in ages as I was a bit worried if I could do it.

What I Used;
Revlon All Fired Up
W7 Black
Barry M Lychee
Nails Inc Bankside



After the decals I went with something much less time consuming, stamping! Over a holo base because apparently I can't get enough of them right now. I now have my first Sparitual polish, it was a bargain from TKMaxx, and I wish they were cheaper so I could buy more. I've included a photo of the base before I stamped over it, as it was too amazing not to.

I used my Cheeky stamping plates for the first time in about a year, as since I bought my Moyou plates I haven't used anything else, so trying to break that habit right now. 

What I Used;
Sparitual Perception
Essence Stampy Polish White
Cheeky CH5 stamping plate


Negative Space Decals

After swatching the polishes in my last pose I decided I really needed to wear them, but I couldn't decide on what one, so I went with them all and made some stamping decals! I loved wearing these and had quite a few compliments on them aswell.
I used essence stampy polish for the outlines on the decals, which was an absolute nightmare on my white stamping heads... I used a brush to add the Danglefoot colours onto the decals at random until I liked them. Doing ten took way too long though, next time I decide to do decals remind me to do them as accents and not a full mani! 

What I Used;
Essence Stampy White
Danglefoot True Of Heart
Danglefoot  True Loves Kiss
Danglefoot Prince Charming
Danglefoot Happily Ever After