A really bad comparison post...

I recently found out that apparently E.L.F are no longer going to be sold here in the UK, what the frak E.L.F seriously?! So I now have to find replacements for a few bits I have from them, which right now is actually just an eye primer, and cream eyeliner. So here's a first comparison post between E.L.F eyelid primer and Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix eye primer. Before we get to the photo's I'm gonna do a disclaimer right here, and say I suck at taking photo's of my eyes, and I'm not pro at the putting on of the makeup either, so please forgive me I'm still learning. Also my eyebrows need doing so they look awful here.

First up we have Makeup Revolution, which in the tube looks the same as the first E.LF primer I had (the mineral one), which I liked as it was easier to blend over the eyelid than one that's white in colour.

Here's what my eyes looked like after about 6 hours... Not so great, most of the eyeshadow has come off, and creases galore. Not impressed.

Now here's the E.LF one I've been using for about a month right now, it's white and doesn't seem to blend aswell as the Makeup Revolution one does. 

Here's how it held up after about 6 hours. The colour has faded a little, but no creases. 

In short, I think the E.L.F one is much better for me than Makeup Revolution, as I need a primer that will last all day without creases. I'm going to have to keep searching for the perfect primer for now though.