Explosion of Colour

The last prompt for the clairestelle8may challenge I'm doing is "kaleidoscope",  and I will admit that even when I first saw all the prompt together before I started the challenge made me wanna die a little. I mean I know what they look like, but as I have no stamping images that look like that (yet!) I had no idea, so I went with a kaleidoscope of colour, rather than a literal kaleidoscope image. This is the most I've ever had to use the word Kaleidoscope ever... I used the cling film (or saran wrap) technique, and splodged  (technical term) the colours all over my nail until I was happy.
So, here's what I ended up doing, yeah not what you were probably expecting for that prompt, but I like it. Plus a kaleidoscope is described as "containing loose, coloured objects" so you can pretend my nails are lots of loose coloured objects all smooshed (another technical term) together, right? No?
What I Used;
Barry M White
NYC Lexington Yellow
China Glaze Designer Satin
Un-named Primark blue (came in a set of four blues)
Cling Film