The best face mask ever!

Seriously, this is a post about a amazing face mask (for my skin anyway, your might be very different than mine), but it's currently only available in one place in the world (boo!) and that is the Oxford Street Lush in London. This beauty is Rosy Cheeks!  I only have this mask because I went to London for a few days for my birthday, and it just happened to be just after this store opened. I did buy pretty much all the exclusives that I wanted (and a few more) and on the last day I was there we went back to Lush and I bought this beauty, and I'm so glad I did. I'm also glad it survived not being in the fridge for about 12 hours. 
This mask is very thick (as you can tell from the photo), and tends to dry slightly on my face, but when I wash it off my skin is so soft, and the mask helps to reduce the redness I get on my cheeks, forehead and nose. Hurray for getting rid of redness, woo! Because this mask is so thick, I used less than I normally would for my face, which means it'll last a bit longer than normal for me. I think I got about 7/8 uses from this post, and previous lush masks I've used have lasted about 2/3 uses less than this one. Also this mask smells amazing, it shares it's scent with the rose jam bubbleroon, pearl massage bar, and ro's argon body wash, it's such an amazing scent, floral but sweet. 

I took a photo of the ingredients list as the oxford street exclusives don't have ingredient lists anywhere at the moment, and I've seen a few people ask about what's in items due to allergies and sensitivities.