Dino Stamping

I love dinosaurs, and I saw this stamping plate from Messy Mansion on Rainbow Connection (although they don't seem to have it anymore...) and I immediately knew I needed it in my life. I mean it's got amazing images on it, fossilised dinosaurs, aswell as little silhouettes. and prehistoric fauna. Plus the Jurassic World is out now and it seemed super appropriate to do dino nails, I just can't believe I didn't wear these to the the movie itself though. 
I knew the colour scheme I was going to use, as the base colour is called Chromosaurus Hex, it's even got a cute little T-Rex on the name label, as I knew I wanted to use this as a base for this stamping. I used the reverse stamping method for these, as I wanted the bones to be on white and not the base. It took like a billion times longer, but I'm glad I did it.

What I Used;
Scofflaw Chromosaurus Hex
A England Saint George
Barry M White
Messy Mansion MM47