Jewels... Kinda

Jewels was the insta challenge prompt, and the only idea I had for that was a diamond done in sparkly silver... I know I bet you've never seen those nails before. So I thought about it some more and came up with these, and I will admit I really pleased with (most) of them. I actually only came up with these because I found me old ds and spent an entire day doing nothing but playing Pokemon last week. Like a proper adult.
I really need to work on thinking about the whole placement thing, as I started off doing them as I wanted, and the the ring and pinkie they didn't really make it onto my nails, but as the Thunder Badge took about 90358 tries to do, I was already freaking out that these would fail, so I didn't redo any other nails.

What I Used;
Barry M White
Barry M Dragon Berry
Barry M Cyan
NYC Lexington Yellow (used as is, and mixed with black, and white)
Konad Red
2True Mila
Accessorise Green Lagoon