Yes, I finally got me some motherfrakking neons! I bought 4 recently, and I needed to use them all together, and obviously that had to be a gradient. Also, I'm super sorry about my manky ass cuticles and all right now, I'm trying to hydrate them and get them looking better, but this super hot weather is not helping them in the slightest. 
This is not the best gradient ever, and the blue and purple got a bit lost, I don't think my nails are long enough for four colour gradients. I really wanted this neon gradient to be great, and it wasn't even good. But, I want to try to post everything here, to keep track of everything.

What I Used;
Barry M White
China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind
China Glaze Purple Panic
China Glaze Home Sweet House Music
China Glaze Treble Maker