Teal and Pink...

And a dino! Yes, a cute little dino hiding in some chevrons and glitter. What's not to love? I've had this colour scheme in my head for a while because of this Picture Polish glitter polish, so after going through my nail art stuff, (and watching an entire series of Planet Dinosaur on Netflix), I decided on these. I loved the finished result, it's got to be one of the few times nails have come out just as I pictured them in my mind.
The mint polish on my middle nail is amazing, it's actually from Superdrugs own brand makeup B. and I keep meaning to buy more, as it's a wonderful pastel that goes on, in three easy coats. It's a polish that makes an re-appearance every summer and I never regret it. The little pink dino, is actually the silver ones that I painted pink, to match the rest of my nails. Best idea ever I now know I can paint my embellishments any colour!

What I Used;
Barry M White
Barry M Dragon Fruit
Barry M Guava
Barry M