When in doubt...

... do a mix 'n match. Pastel, that was my only thought when doing this mani. So I dug out my trusty much used pastels (I need more pastels) and these happened. I quite like them, although I think it's hard to hate something when you have no clear thought on the outcome. I did the reverse stamping decals first and built from those, gradient in my fave pastels, and a glitter that kinda matched, and of course a dino.

Sorry about my super greasy hands in these photos, but as you can clearly seem my hands are in some need of major tlc right now, so I slathered argan oil all over my hands before taking these photos, so they didn't look completely horrible.
What I Used;
China Glaze In a Lily Bit
Essie Fashion Playground
Glam Polish Juggling Jupiter
Barry M Lemon I/C
Barry M White
Color Club Un-named coral
Jess Midnight