Neons Turned Pastel

I saw this tutorial on my instagram feed, and I knew I had to give them a go immediately. I would never have though of putting white over neon on a sponge to make them pastel in my life! Mine didn't turn out quite as smooth as Cambria's but I really like how they turned out. If I wasn't in such a nail art rut still I would have done something over them, but I kept them on like this for quite a few days.
My camera made all the colours look blurry, but in real life they didn't quite blur together like they do in the photos. I also had quite a few compliments on these while I was at work, which was nice.
What I Used;
Barry M White
China Glaze Home Sweet House Music
China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind
China Glaze Purple Panic
China Glaze Treble Maker


Glitter and Stamping

I'm back to being in a rut, nail art wise, so I'm just doing super simple things like stamping, or just doing one colour on my nails, lately. I had to go with something sparkly, so I used a glitter base for my stamping for the very first time ever.
The photo's of these aren't the best, as I was in a rush when taking these. Remember to take photo's guys, don't leave in until you have to leave for work to take them.

What I Used;
Crowstoes Bifrost
Essence Stampy White
Moyou Princess 09



I finally did a matermarble!!! It's a frakking miracle! Yes, I'm very excited about this tiny victory. Every time I've done a watermarble they have failed terribly, I mean they just looked like smoosh on the nail when I got them out of the water. But I finally managed to have my nail look like something, yay. I am aware that these are no where near the matermarbles you see everyone else doing, but thay are by far the best I have ever done. I even managed to do all ten nails. 
Some of the colours mixed when I made the design (read;attempted a design) but overall  they do look like a watermarble. I wish this was a skill I could master, but I think that even though these turned out quite well, I probably won't be doing another any time soon.

What I Used;
China Glaze Purple Panic
China Glaze Treble Maker
China Glaze Home Sweet House Music
China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind


Neon Dinosaurs

I'm still loving my neon China Glazes, although they seem out of place on my nails now that the weather has been cloudy and rubbish the last few days. I finally paired them with the glitter that prompted me to buy them, yay! I will say now that most of the photos are out of focus, I didn't realise that I did a terrible job of photographing these until I'd put them n the computer, and I'd taken them off by then. Sorry.
I used two different stamping plates for the dinosaurs, as the newest plate I've bought had a few more dinos on it, but didn't have a triceratops. There's also a lack of stegosaurus on my stamping plates, I mean they are the best so they should be on every plate in my opinion. 

What I Used;
China Glaze Purple Panic
China Glaze Treble Maker
China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind
2True Mila
Barry M Lychee
Danglefoot Merry Making
Messy Mansion 47
MoYou Princess 04


Glitter Half and Half

I just wanted to do something quick and simple, so I re-did a mani I did quite a white ago. I used a different base colour the first time I did these, but I do love these mint green ones. Then again I don't think you can ever go wrong with a mint green. My clean up job could have been much better though.
After putting down my base colour I used my new favourite top coat (HK Girl) to make the dry time much much quicker. Once dry I added striping tape to every nail and went to town with my glitter polish.

What I Used;
Essie Fashion Playground
Crows Toes Bifrost
Striping tape


White and Blue

I really wanted to use Girly Bits 8 Crazy Nights as I haven't used it in forever, so I built this mani around it, and I'm unsure about it to be honest. I think it's the single chevron nails, there's too much going on, on those nails for the whole mani to work for me.
I used vinyls on the index finger, and added some extra colours to the nail using a striping brush, but then abandoned that plan and just freehanded the rest of the chevrons myself, as you can tell from looking at the pinkie, I should have continued to use the vinyls. I added a stamping image from the Moyou sailor plate I own, to tie together all the nails. 
What I Used;
Barry M White
Primark Un-named bright blue
Accessorise Green Lagoon
Barry M Silver Foil
A England Dancing With Nuryev
Girly Bits 8 Crazy Nights
Essence Stampy White
Moyou Sailor 04


Neon Chevrons

After my week or so of Danglefoot swatches, I shall now resume with nail art. Starting with these neon chevrons, as I really wanted to create something I liked with these China Glaze neons after a couple of fails. I knew I could never not like a chevron mani, so I  dug out my vinyls, and these happened.
I was originally going to use a glitter for the accents, but I ended up with stamping as I bought a new white stamping polish for a amazing £1.50 and needed to try it out. It's an Essence stampy polish and it works wonderfully. 

What I Used;
China Glaze DJ Bue My Mind
China Glaze Purple Panic
China Glaze Home Sweet House Music
China Glaze Treble Maker
Barry M White
Essence Stampy Polish White 
Chevron Vinyls


Danglefoot Swatches Part 4

Finally, I have three more polishes to show you, these are ones that are either not in a collection, or I only have on from the collection it's in, so I decided to just do these together. This post includes my favourite polish from Danglefoot, Merry-Making! It's an amazing neon topper, although I could not for the life of me get my camera to capture it all all, so I had to edit the colours a little bit to help, but it's still not as it is in real life. Anyway, onto the swatches!

First I have Cosmic Girl, which is the sparkliest polish I own. This is two coats of insane sparkle for your nails, with top coat. Although when I was doing this swatch the sun disappeared for about an hour so I couldn't get it's full beauty here. I have included a blurry photo to show some sparkle, and thats the sparkle in the shade, to give you an idea of how sparkly it is.

Next is Iris, I've done three coats here with a top coat. As soon as I saw this polish I knew I had to have it, as it's teal, which is a colour I love and will always want to buy no matter how many I have. Plus it's got wonderful holo glitter throughout it to give it some sparkle.

And finally the absolutely amazing Merry-Making! One dabbed coat over Barry M Lychee with a top coat. The pink tooks quite pastely here, but don't let that fool you, it is in fact neon pink, although with green (which look yellow here), red and blue. An amazing summer polish if there ever was one. In fact I bought neon polishes just to wear with this polish,as I had nothing to wear with it.


Danglefoot Swatches Part 3

Past three includes the polishes from the Digital Dreams collection that I own. The three I own are a full coverage glitter, a glitter topper, and a glitter crelly. I think pixelated wishes is my fave of these three, although Digital Dreams is a close second and I wish I could think of some nail art to go with it that didn't look completely american. 

First up is Digital Dreams, I used two coats and top coat over bare nails. As I have never used Digital Dreams before, and I was far to lazy to look at swatches when doing these myself, I was not sure if it would be full coverage. It's not, but it is a fantastic topper! I mean look at this beauty, I love that the white glitters are smaller then the red and blue, to make it look much more interesting on the nail. 

This is Pixelated Wishes, with three coats and top coat, and is my favourite of these three, I mean purple and green, what's not to like. This will be such an amazing winter colour for me, the purple is so rich, I love the way the green glitter looks with it. It's just a winning colour combo for me.

Last but not least in Static Secrets, three (I think) coats of sparkly goodness. This is exactly is what you would expect from the name, it does look just like TV static on the nail, but it's uber sparkly rather than just black and white glitter. Plus to my eye it looks sort of like a pinky peach colour rather than just black and white, but I'm not sure if that's just because of the holo glitter in this polish. I've shown a blurry photo of this polish to try to show off the insane amount of sparkle.


Danglefoot Swatches Part 2

These polishes are all from the Roald Dahl collection. Not all of these are currently available in her shop, as she's done new collections since these came out. I used one coat of top coat for all these swatches.

This is three thin coats of Georges Marvellous Medicine, the formula was quite thick, but so easy to work with. I've done two photos of this one to try to capture the sparkle in the sunlight. The shade of this polish is sort of in between the two photos, it's a wonderful vibrant blue, that complements the pink glitter so well.

The Great Mouse Plot, this is only two coats, and I loved this so much more than I thought I would. Looking at it in the bottle I was a bit unsure about how it would look on my nails, as I though it might wash out my skin tone. But it very much does not, This polish surprised me so much on my nails, I think that it might be an autumn fave this year.

The Snozberries Taste Like Snozberries, once again two perfect coats for this swatch. I also liked this polish much more than I thought I would, I'm not the biggest fan of red.I think it's the added sparkle that made me like this, looks fantastic in the sunlight. Added an sunlight photo to try to show off the sparkle, but I didn't do a very good of that.

The final colour I have to show you today is We Are In Dream Country Now. Three coats for this swatch. This was the polish I knew I had to have when I first saw photos of this collection. I know I didn't really need it as it is very similar to one of the prototypes I have, but it seems to have less orange glitter, and no black glitter so it's also completely different. I love this polish, but it's seems like more of an wintery colour to me, so I might not be using this much until the weather turns.


Danglefoot Swatches Part 1

I've been feeling super uninspired recently when it comes to nail art, so I've decided to swatch all my Danglefoot Nail Polishes as I really want to wear them all. The three I will be showing you today are three one of a kind prototypes, that didn't have any names when I got them, so I have given them names, I went with a Lord Of The Rings theme.
The first one is a holographic orange glitter I have named My Precious. I wasn't sure if it would be a full coverage glitter or not, it's not, but it does make a fantastic topper as it's so super sparkly. It's do very holographic, and my camera ignored all the holo. These are two nails of three coats over bare nails, and one coat over white, with top coat.
This one has been named Mount Doom. I think it might have been the first prototype of another Danglefoot polish called "We Are In Dream Country Now" as it's really similar. This polish contains much more glitter, plus has black glitter than Dream Country does not. This is three coats, no top coat.
The final Prototype has been named Rivendell. It's a frosty blue with scattered holo glitter throughout. I smudged the ring finger, and didn't realise how bad it looked until I was about the edit the photos, sorry. I used three coats, with top coat.


Gradient Chevron

These are the nail art that went over the base that I posted a few days ago. I will admit that while I need more practise putting vinyls on my nails, I do love these. I'm trying not to do gradients, so this is me trying to wean myself off them, but not using a sponge, as having to mix every shade was a bit more of a hassel.
I think I might leave these on for a little while, as these feel like the first nails I've liked wearing for a little while after all my neon fails. Sorry about these photo's being so dark, but it was the only place I could get the teal to photograph correctly.

What I've Used;
A England Merlin
Barry M Guava
Barry M White (mixed with guava)
Chevron vinyls 


A England Merlin

I've use this polish a few time before, but it was always an accent nail with it, but I was inspired but this post in instagram, and I knew Merlin was going to be my base. Once I'd done two coats on all my nails, I was blown away by this polish. Why have I never used this as a full mani before?! Well, probably because I know that trying to take this off with make me wanna cry. 
So here is two coats of Merlin and top coated with HK Girl topcoat. My nail isn't as visible in real life as it is in these photos. Yeah my nails are still terrible, I'm trying to slather stuff all over my hands whenever I'm not at work right now so hopefully they will start to look better soon.


An Attempt Was Made

I used the same technique as you would with a gradient for these, but I just splodged the polish on the sponge rather then doing lines. And the once on the nail it turned into this horrible mess, I've done these before with different colours and they turned out great, I must not get on with these neons... 
The blue pretty much vanished, and it just looks like a lot of green, even though I used yellow and orange aswell. I think I'm gonna take a neon break to try to come up with some ideas for them. All I got right now is stripes, and I'm not really feeling striping nails right now. So if anyone's got any ideas feel free to let me know/

What I Used;
Barry M White
China Glaze Home Sweet House Music
China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind
China Glaze Treble Maker
NYC Lexington Yellow
Danglefoot Nail Polish Merry Making
MoYou Sailor 04