Neon Dinosaurs

I'm still loving my neon China Glazes, although they seem out of place on my nails now that the weather has been cloudy and rubbish the last few days. I finally paired them with the glitter that prompted me to buy them, yay! I will say now that most of the photos are out of focus, I didn't realise that I did a terrible job of photographing these until I'd put them n the computer, and I'd taken them off by then. Sorry.
I used two different stamping plates for the dinosaurs, as the newest plate I've bought had a few more dinos on it, but didn't have a triceratops. There's also a lack of stegosaurus on my stamping plates, I mean they are the best so they should be on every plate in my opinion. 

What I Used;
China Glaze Purple Panic
China Glaze Treble Maker
China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind
2True Mila
Barry M Lychee
Danglefoot Merry Making
Messy Mansion 47
MoYou Princess 04