I'm going to be taking a mini break

Yes I'm going to be taking a little while off, as I've had to have my dog put down today. It wasn't expected at all and I'm heartbroken. I'll be back once I'm feeling a bit better.


Simple Stripes

I've been meaning to do some striped nails for a little while now, as I love they way they look, but I knew as I haven't done much freehand lately they would probably be done with striping tape. I hate using striping tape, it takes so long to stick down and I can never get them straight or even. So I went with half striped nails, so I could minimise the use of tape, yay!
I love this minty green by Primark, I just wish they would name their polishes, as every single one I have by them doesn't even have a number to help name them. I was going to use a darker green  and white for the stripes but at the last minute went with black and white, I'm glad I did.
What I Used;
Primark un-named
W7 Black
Barry M White
Striping tape



I was wondering what I could use as inspiration for my next nail art, when I realized that it was sitting in on my windowsill! My Pop! Daredevil vinyl, he's just so cute I had to put him on my nails, and also to forget to take a photo of him while I had these nails on, I'm smart like that.
It took a few tries to get Daredevil looking how I pictured him, as because of that he ending up looking a bit messy. I am however so pleased with how the logo turned out, I haven't done any freehand in ages as I was a bit worried if I could do it.

What I Used;
Revlon All Fired Up
W7 Black
Barry M Lychee
Nails Inc Bankside



After the decals I went with something much less time consuming, stamping! Over a holo base because apparently I can't get enough of them right now. I now have my first Sparitual polish, it was a bargain from TKMaxx, and I wish they were cheaper so I could buy more. I've included a photo of the base before I stamped over it, as it was too amazing not to.

I used my Cheeky stamping plates for the first time in about a year, as since I bought my Moyou plates I haven't used anything else, so trying to break that habit right now. 

What I Used;
Sparitual Perception
Essence Stampy Polish White
Cheeky CH5 stamping plate


Negative Space Decals

After swatching the polishes in my last pose I decided I really needed to wear them, but I couldn't decide on what one, so I went with them all and made some stamping decals! I loved wearing these and had quite a few compliments on them aswell.
I used essence stampy polish for the outlines on the decals, which was an absolute nightmare on my white stamping heads... I used a brush to add the Danglefoot colours onto the decals at random until I liked them. Doing ten took way too long though, next time I decide to do decals remind me to do them as accents and not a full mani! 

What I Used;
Essence Stampy White
Danglefoot True Of Heart
Danglefoot  True Loves Kiss
Danglefoot Prince Charming
Danglefoot Happily Ever After


More Danglefoot Swatches!

Yes, you have another post of Danglefeet to look at, as I bought a few polishes from her Once Upon A Time Collection. They are fantastic holos, great quality, just what I would expect from Hayley, as I've never been disappointed by any of her polishes. Onto the swatches, all of them are two coats and went on like butter.
First up is Happily Ever After. This is a blue leaning teal in my eyes, and it's much brighter on the nail than it is in the bottle. My camera seems to make it look just blue, but I promise there's some green there. It's a minty colour that I just love and can never get enough of.

Prince Charming, is a gorgeous purple and it's one of the polishes that my camera picked up the holo best in, but it still didn't quite pick all all of the holo. This is such a fantastic shade for my skintone, and to think I almost didn't get it!

True Loves Kiss is up next, and it's a stunning pink, it's very similar to Hits Specialita Hestia, but a bit brighter and with a better formula, as I found hestia wasn't as opaque.

And Finally True of Heart! An amazing orange, and I'm not just saying that because I love me some orange. A bit of a blurry picture of it I'm sorry, but it shows of the holo better. It's a bright orange that I just love, a definite summer colour in my eyes.

To sum up, I love them all and wish I had enough money to buy full sizes of the whole collection, and I have no definite favourites right now. If you live in the UK and haven't tried Danglefoot, why not? She's got some gorgeous holos and glitters and some cuticle oil in her shop at the moment.


What Ho, A Foe?

Yes, I attempted one of my nails nemesis, it went better than expected. These are no where near as bad a watermarbles for me to do, but I've never been able to do galaxy nails I was happy with before now, so hooray for these turning out the way they did. I don't really have much else to say about these, so on to the photos!

What I Used;
W7 Black
China Glaze Treble Maker
China Glaze Man Hunt
Sinful Colors Innocent
Barry M Bright Purple
Barry M White
Primark Un named blue


Pastel and Dinosaurs

I've been missing doing gradients, as I did a buttload of them a little while ago, so I thought I'd go back to an old favourite. Pastel gradients are my favourite to do, as they always look so sweet and girly. I made it less traditionally girly but adding some dinosaur stamping, because lets be honest, every mani can probably do with a dinosaur of some kind.
I really need to buy a holo glitter top coat, but for now I will continue to use a full coverage so that it looks a bit terrible when I attempt to put a sheer coat on. It doesn't look as bad in real life as it does in these photos, which is good. 

What I Used;
Barry M White (as a base for the gadient)
Barry M Lemon I/C
China Glaze In A  Lily Bit
Claires Un-named baby blue
Danglefoot Cosmic Girl
Essence Stampy White
Moyou Princess 04
Messy Mansion 47


Simple Chevrons

I finally felt like doing some nail art (finally!) but I really didn't know what to do,so I ended up doing these simple chevrons over Desktop Musings. They're not the best, but I feel like I haven't done freehand lines like these in quite a while, some practice is needed for stripes I think. 
The base is the same as yesterdays post, but it was such an amazing polish I felt like I needed to leave it on for a little while. I wasn't sure what colour to do the chevrons in, I originally though a blue would match the base better, but might not stand out as much. I'm glad I went with the bronze in the end.

What I Used;
Danglefoot Polish Desktop Musings
Nails Inc Old Park Lane


Desktop Musings

Another Danglefoot polish swatch today, I really love this polish, it's probably going to be soon quite a bit in the winter, as it's a fab winter polish. It's a dark jelly with gorgeous blue flakies, and some holo for good measure. There's nothing like this in my polish collection, the holo looks fantastic in the sun, and the blue flakies make in interesting in all lights.
I've used three coats here, although Hayley, has told me that one coat over black give the same effect, so I think there might be some experiments with how it looks over different colours. 


Hulk Smash!

I bought some more Danglefoot nail polishes recently, because I can never have too many polishes from Hayley. The first one I'm going to show you is going to have it's own post, because it damn well deserves it! This one I knew I had to have the moment she posted it on her instagram, I love green, I love holo, (I love lamp...) so it clearly needed to come home with me. 
Look at this beauty! I couldn't capture the holo as the sun was not playing when I had it on. So these are pictures in natural light on a cloudy day. This was three thin coats, I did use a top coat, as I wanted it to really last, but this polish is very shiny on it's own. I never want to take this off, and as I'm writing this post I've been wearing it for three days with minimal top wear, so it might not een be coming off anytime soon.