More Danglefoot Swatches!

Yes, you have another post of Danglefeet to look at, as I bought a few polishes from her Once Upon A Time Collection. They are fantastic holos, great quality, just what I would expect from Hayley, as I've never been disappointed by any of her polishes. Onto the swatches, all of them are two coats and went on like butter.
First up is Happily Ever After. This is a blue leaning teal in my eyes, and it's much brighter on the nail than it is in the bottle. My camera seems to make it look just blue, but I promise there's some green there. It's a minty colour that I just love and can never get enough of.

Prince Charming, is a gorgeous purple and it's one of the polishes that my camera picked up the holo best in, but it still didn't quite pick all all of the holo. This is such a fantastic shade for my skintone, and to think I almost didn't get it!

True Loves Kiss is up next, and it's a stunning pink, it's very similar to Hits Specialita Hestia, but a bit brighter and with a better formula, as I found hestia wasn't as opaque.

And Finally True of Heart! An amazing orange, and I'm not just saying that because I love me some orange. A bit of a blurry picture of it I'm sorry, but it shows of the holo better. It's a bright orange that I just love, a definite summer colour in my eyes.

To sum up, I love them all and wish I had enough money to buy full sizes of the whole collection, and I have no definite favourites right now. If you live in the UK and haven't tried Danglefoot, why not? She's got some gorgeous holos and glitters and some cuticle oil in her shop at the moment.