Stripes Are Looking Very Grimm

The glitter base I've used today I've had for over a year, and I hardly ever use it, so I just knew I had to get it out and do something with it. It's Dollish Polish Things Are Looking Very Grimm, and I do love it, but I think I hardly ever use it as the base is a bit watery, so I find it hard to pick up much glitter without really fishing for them. I'm going to have to try to thicken it up to see if that helps.
Once I'd put my base down I had no idea of what to put over it, so I just went for some simple gold stripes to keep with the green and gold colour scheme Grimm has. Also sorry about the pictures today, the lighting where I usually take my photos (me bedroom window) failed my and I had to find a new spot, so they're a bit iffy.

Bonus Macro!!
What I Used;
Dollish Polish Things Are Looking Very Grimm
Barry M Gold Foil
Cut down striping brush