Shiro Swatches; Dark Browns

The end is finally here!! I nearly gave me a breakdown swatching all of these eyeshadows, maybe doing them all at once wasn't such a good idea... But it has made me start using different eyeshadows, the last three days I've used shadows I've either never used before or hardly used. 
Smashing Pots//Star-Crossed
Cyrprium//Skull Kid//Nic Cage//Bears Meeting
Farewell//Unexpected Party//Climbing Chaos
Shiros eyeshadows come in three sizes, Sample ($1) Mini ($3.75) Full ($6.50) 


Shiro Swatches; Browns, Rose Golds

Finally near the end of all my Shiro swatches, there will be one more post of my dark browns after this one. I put my rose gold colours in with my browns as I find myself picking them up even if I don't use them as they work so well as a neutral type colour for me.
When The Thrush Knocks//Mockingjay//Genius Billionaire
Bakers//Honey//Ossuary//Doge//Not A Planet

Bakers Boy and Sweet Honey are my most used browns, in fact they are the reason I ended up swatching all my shadows as I use one of them every day along with Farewell Where ever you Fare (which will be in my next post). Bakers boy is a amazing light everyday brown, everyone needs it in my opinion. 
I loved a Maid//I Tried//Kooloo-Limpah

Shiros eyeshadows come in three sizes, Sample ($1) Mini ($3.75) Full ($6.50)


Shiro Swatches; Yellow, Orange, and Gold

Gold eyeshadow is something that I love wearing as it looks wonderful with my blue eyes, which is why I was so surprised that I owned more oranges than golds, I hardly ever wear oranges. The yellows are swatched in a terrible photo, I'm so sorry, but I didn't realise how the photos looked until they were on the laptop.

Flame//Wizards Wheezes//Gizmo//Girl on Fire
Shiros eyeshadows come in three sizes, Sample ($1) Mini ($3.75) Full ($6.50)


Shiro Swatches; Pinks and Purples

Quite a few of these are eyeshadows I've never even worn, yet. Little bird is a colour I think would look lovely on, why haven't I worn it? I've heard it also make a wonderful gloss colour. As always these are swatches over Rimmel Exaggerate primer, and all applied wonderfully, as do all shiro shadows I've tried.
Wildflowers//Little Bird
Destinys Princess//Chiefest of Calamities//Unforgettable
Some of the purple photgraphed blue, and I couldn't convince my camera that they were purple. and the editing of them looked terrible, So I've stuff with the blue looking photos. Smell ya Later is a lovely bright lilac colour, and Elite Four is a deep purple.
Dins Fire//Ever in your Favour//Mother of Dragons
Smell Ya Later//Elite Four//Yzmas Essence of Llama
He loves His Hammer//Cognitive//Sugar Plum Harry
Shiros eyeshadows come in three sizes, Sample ($1) Mini ($3.75) Full ($6.50)


Shiro Swatches; Blues and Greens

I was going to do the greens on their own, but the I realised I have 4 blues... These swatches are done over Rimmel Exaggerate Primer. All shiro shadows are very pigmented and go on creamy and easy.
Bubblebeam//Zora Sapphire//Tardis//Rebellion
I also dont have that many teals, and all of them are pretty much the same... Why did I buy them all? Anyway they are all gorgeous even if I didn't really need to buy them all.
Farores Wind//Maiden Queen//Kraken
And now the greens! I have more than I thought I did, as I'm a person who never wears green eyeshadow. Well I haven't even worn anything other than neutrals and brown for about a year...
There and Back Again//Vine Whip//Drawing Room Fashion
//Lingered in Twlight

Rage Monster//Kokiri Emerald//Beyond The Fence
Shiro's eyeshadows come in three sizes, Sample ($1) Mini ($3.75) Full ($6.50)


Shiro Eyeshadow Swatches PT.1

I have no idea how many parts it'll take to swatch all my eyeshadows, but I'll try to not do a million of them. I do plan to keep them colour co-ordinated as much as possible, but as I've got mostly browns and neutrals I won't be able to do them all in one post with it being super long. There won't be much to explain in most posts as all the Shiro shadows are all pretty pigmented and go on so easy.
Whiteout//Kaepore Gaebora//No Men Like Me//Malacath//Hypothesis
Little Brother//Gift of Mercy//That Man is Playing Galaga
The first part I've done the taupe type colours, along with the grays and blacks as I don't have many of these type of colours because I usualy stick to boring browns. Swatches are done over Rimmel exaggerate base. I've included the links to the ones that are still available.

Shiro's eyeshadows come in three sizes, Sample ($1) Mini ($3.75) Full ($6.50)


Some Shiro Swatches

I haven't done any nail art for a few weeks now, as I still haven't got any acetone, and the nail art I want to do is all messy... I've been toying with the idea of doing swatches of my Shiro Cosmetics things for a while simply because I always use the same few things. I'm hoping that by having some swatches to see will help me use different things. Although I've got almost 100 eyeshadows by them, so it might take a while to swatch them all, with this in mind I've done all my lip things first.
Not all of the things, I've swatched here are still available. Nyan Cat, Magnets, Wormswort, and Rickrolled are no longer available. Why not Zoidberg has become one of the tinted balms and is now called It's Called Love.


Paint Splatter

I've only ever tried splatter nails once of twice before, and I just remember them going horribly wrong for some reason. I don't remember what they looked like, just that I was angry about them. So when I tried again, I was fully prepared to hate them and go on a massive ragequit, that is usually kept for watermarbling. 
Although I do love how these turned out, I wish I'd chosen a different time to do them. I am completely out of acetone atm, and I can't currently find it in any shop near me, so I had to do the clean up for these with regular nail polish remover... As you can see it didn't work too great. And I used glue around my nails to peel most of the mess off.

What I Used;
OPI Be There in a Prosecco
China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind
China Glaze Home Sweet House Music
China Glaze Purple Panic
China Glaze Treble Maker
Barry M Limited Edition Yellow


Simple in Mint Green

The glitter I used in my last mani, was still called me after I'd taken them off, so I got it back out and decided to see if it would work as a full overage glitter. It does. Although for some reason on this hand the larger glitters gradiented themselves towards the tip for some reason. It didn't do that on the other hand.
To keep the glitter the star of the show, I went with a simple mint green and some studs on the rest of my nails. I will always love this mint green. It's from B. which is a superdrug own brand, and its just stunning.

What I Used;
B. Seafoam
Lacquer Lust Spring In Your Step
2mm studs


Dino Decals

I got a Rainbow Connection order about a week ago, it consisted of a new stamping plate, a nail art mat, a clear stamper, and a glitter polish. I knew as soon as I opened the package that I had to use it all there and then! And so these were born. And I love them.
I just couldn't wait (to be king) to show you all these, but I had scheduled posts, and I was being far too busy playing with my dog to edit posts. But I finally got around to getting the photos on my laptop! Yay, go me.  I so loved wearing these, they just felt so bright and springy to me.

What I Used;
MUA Whitewash
Lacquer Lust Spring in Your Step
Bundle Monster  611 stamping plate
Color Club Un-named blue
China Glaze In A Lily-bit
China Glaze Refresh Mint
Catrice Earnie and Birdy
Jess Midnight


Tiny Turtles

I've got yet another Cottonconey inspired mani today, but since I saw these I've really wanted to try them. Now that I've got a teeny nail art brush all I want to do is really tiny stuff on my nails. I need so much more practice though, I think you can still tell that they are turtles though. Right? Also for the very first time in my nail art history I used acrylic paint for the details, it was much easier than polish if I'm honest. I might have to buy more sets I have only have a few colours of paint right now.
I though I had the glitter she used, but I did not... I only have clear glitter (which just seems pointless to me). I used the clear glitter anyway, and it looked like bubbles over the gradient, but once I added top coat they seemed to almost disappear. Shame. You can sort of pick them out in the photos though, they do add a sort of ripple like effect.

What I Used;
A white made of like three old whites mixed in one bottle...
MUA Bold Blue
Green, Brown, and Yellow acrylic paint.


Freehand Daisies

I had time (and energy) to do some freehand! Yay! I also bought a new nail art brush (well it's for painting miniature models...) so once it got here I just had to try it out. It's teeny tiny and once I get the hang of it, as it's a completely different length and and shape to the cut down striping brush I've used for years, I think it'll be a new a fave brush.
I knew I wanted to try something a bit more detailed or tinier than I usually would so I had a nose through Cottonconey instagram as she does the most intricate and amazing designs all freehand. I found some daisies she did agess ago and I attempted to recreate them, I did ok I think, but they are no where near the level of hers.

What I Used;
Scofflaw Wraith Pinned To The Mist
MUA Whitewash
Essence Little Miss Sunshine
China Glaze Starboard


Stamping Fail

I had such an amazing vision for these, and it did not happen at all. Not even a little bit. I did use three amazing polishes though... I'm posting them to remind myself to never do these again. Ever.
I went wit another simple stamping mani, bit with a glitter base this time. I think that might if been what killed them though. as the gradient stamping I did just sort of blends with all the glitter and its pretty much impossible to make out what the stamping is off. 

What I Used;
A England Merlin
A England Saint George
A England Dragon


Teal Stamping

I haven't done any stamping manis for what feels like forever, and I might be doing more of them now as I've been really run down, and not feeling like I have any energy to do anything. I do have a tiny backlog of about three posts to write now, so I'll try to spread them out over the next week and a half or so to give myself some time to do more nails and write most posts.
These were in my head for a while before I did them, but I knew that the Barry M Gellys work well for stamping and I just love bright stamping over some light or neutral colours.

What I Used;
MUA Whitewash
Barry M Gelly Guava
Moyou London Princess 09


Negative Space Decals

These decals, are so amazing to look at for me, that it *almost* makes up for the fact I nearly cried at least twice while making them. They took absolutely ages for me to do, as the little spaces I had to fill in where so teeny, they gave my hand cramps. Plus I decided to do ten, ten decals all with what felt like a million bits to fill in...
Once I had filled in all ten, I was really pleased with myself and excited to put them on my nails... Which did not go well, as you can see in these photos I put the thumb one on backwards. Like a boss. But I think the rest look amazing, but that thumb though...

What I Used;
Essence Stampy White
DangleFoot Hulk Smash
DangleFoot True Of Heart
DangleFoot True Loves Kiss
DangleFoot Does My Bum Look Big in This
DangleFoot Happy Ever After
DangleFoot Prince Charming
Gosh Holographic Hero
Moyou Enchanted 05


More Swirls

More swirl decals today, as it means I can make decals on day when I have time, and then the next day (or two) I can put them on my nails when I get a hour or so to do so. Yay for lazy nail art for me right now. I'll try to get back into a routine where I can post about twice a week aswell now.
I went with some pastel colours for my swirls this time, I feel like this freezing weather is getting my into a funk where I just don;t want to do anything, so I thought having some nice pastely nails would make me feel a bit better. Plus I decided to add some super sparkly glitter to make the mani extra wonderful.

What I Used;
Danglefoot Cosmic Girl
China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint
Color Club Un-named Coral
Barry M Limited Edition Yellow