Gradient Stamping

I've had these nails in my head for a little while, but for whatever reason I never did them. I'm glad I eventually did then though as I do like these. Although I do wish I had managed to get the actually blue to red gradient on all the nails, not alternating as they turned out.
I'm so pleased with the way the polishes I used have stamped aswell, as the red is a stamping polish but the blue is not. I was worried that up against each other the blue might not as stamped aswell as the red, but they both came out stamping champs.

What I Used;
MUA Whitewash
China Glaze Man Hunt
Konad Red


More Chevrons!

Yes I've been slacking in my nail painting game in the last week. Mostly due to my nails breaking and being generally crap though. I've done another chevron mani today, as I bought more vinyl's and so i had to use them. 
I used one of my favourite glitter polishes as the base as I haven't used it for a while. I decided on accent chevrons with white rather than do all ten nails because sometimes I'm a lazy bum.

What I Used;
MUA Whitewash
Black Cat Laquer We Own The Sky



I bought a China Glaze gift set from TKMaxx the other weeks, and as they two colours (Don't get elfed up and Better Not Pout) were in the set to be used together I though I would, as they did look really nice and wintry together(perfect for this freezing weather we're having right now).
I grabbed a white to use as a base, along with some trusty nail vinyls and viola! Super cute chevrons, I do love me some chevrons so These couldn't have been any more perfect for me.

What I Used;
China Glaze Don't Get Elfed Up
China Glaze Better Not Pout
MUA Whitewash


Something old. Pt 2

These are the second nails I found on my cameras sd card. At least with these I can tell what colours I used (yay!) but I don't really have anything else to say about them so onto the photos.

What I Used;
China Glaze Riveting
W7 Black


Something old. Pt.1

As i was staring back up into blogging this year, I dug out my camera (and took some terrible photos of my current mani that will never be posted...) and I found two different manis on there that I must have forgotten to post.
So today is the first one, and because I don't even remember doing these I'm not sure of what I used. I mean I know the base is Dollish Polish Things Are Looking Very Grimm but thats about it.... The base is a nightmare to photograph though and I've never gotten a good photo of it


Good Old Stripes

I love me some stripes, so I had to do these as I can't remember the last time I did some stripes. I will admit that I suck at coming up with colour schemes though, which is why I hardly ever do stripes like these, so I googled a colour scheme generator which game me this tealy purple scheme that I loved. Again this post will only have one photo as it went straight onto instagram once I had taken it.
I will say that only the purple polish is straight from the bottle, the rest are polishes that are mixed together to get the colours I wanted for these. The purple was too bright, and the blurple wasn't quite what I wanted either, but at that point I just wanted to have my nails finished as I was getting hand cramp. 

What I Used;
B. Seafoam mixed with a teeny bit of black
Barry M Cardamom mixed with Seafoam
Barry M Cardamom mixed with Mua Steel Blue
Mua Steel Blue mixed with Mua Frozen Yogurt
Mua Frozen Yogurt


The Force Awakens

An appropriate title today as hopefully my blogging mojo has awakened, plus I went to see the new Star Wars movie (Finally!) the other day and I had to do some nail art for my fave droid. Sorry BB-8 but R2D2 will always be my fave.
There's only one photo today as I only took one photo as I've just been using instagram for my nail art for the last few months. I am so pleased with these as R2 turned out much better than he has done in my previous star wars manis, so yay for improvement!

What I Used;
Mua Whitewash
Barry M Silver Foil
Barry M Cyan Blue (mixed with black)
Konad Red
W7 Black