Good Old Stripes

I love me some stripes, so I had to do these as I can't remember the last time I did some stripes. I will admit that I suck at coming up with colour schemes though, which is why I hardly ever do stripes like these, so I googled a colour scheme generator which game me this tealy purple scheme that I loved. Again this post will only have one photo as it went straight onto instagram once I had taken it.
I will say that only the purple polish is straight from the bottle, the rest are polishes that are mixed together to get the colours I wanted for these. The purple was too bright, and the blurple wasn't quite what I wanted either, but at that point I just wanted to have my nails finished as I was getting hand cramp. 

What I Used;
B. Seafoam mixed with a teeny bit of black
Barry M Cardamom mixed with Seafoam
Barry M Cardamom mixed with Mua Steel Blue
Mua Steel Blue mixed with Mua Frozen Yogurt
Mua Frozen Yogurt