Just a quick update today to let you know that for the next three or four weeks I won't be posting as much, as we've got a little puppy now, and he need lots of looking after.  We've now got a German shepherd named archie, he's a little monster.


Stripe it Out

Another spring inspired mani, I'm hoping using some pastel colours will help spring come sooner as it's gotten colder again here in the last few days... These nails started out very different, I was planning on doing a sort of french tip with two white stripes, but I ended up with these.
I think I prefer these to my original idea, which I only changed as being in work ruined my nails so I had to file them down a bit so I changed the direction of the stripes to make my nails seem longer. Wow that was a long sentence.

What I Used;
China Glaze In A Lilybit
China Glaze Re-fresh Mint
 Essence Stampy White
A cut down striping brush


A Spring-y Glitter Gradient

I bought China Glaze Re-fresh Mint (to add to my collection of minty greens) a little while ago, I knew I wanted to do this glitter gradient. I actually did these exact nails just before new years, but I love them so I did them again.
I need to do more glitter gradients I think as I'm not the best at them, as you can tell. I'm sorry about the bad clean up job, but this glitter polish is a bugger to get off the skin, I tried.

What I Used;
China Glaze Re-fresh Mint
Danglefoot Cosmic Girl
Makeup sponge


The Winter Soldier Nail Art

I was looking at my Moyou Sci fi plate as I love the circuit images on it, but I had no ideas, so I thought maybe some double stamping, or something for them rather than doing circuit board nail art (which might still happen at some point). After having no double stamping ideas, I looked at my vinyls and decided on stars over the stamping. After decided on grey on grey for stamping, I had a brainwave for these Winter soldier nails. Which I love! I mean who wouldn't want something inspired by Sebastian Stan on their nails, right?
The stamping polish I used China Glaze Stone Cold dries stupidly fast so the stamping isn't as clean as I would like, but it was the best I could do in the moment. I got my star vinyls and cut them down so I could place one star on my nail, and voila! 

What I Used;
Mien Silver Gleam
China Glaze Stone Cold
Konad Red


Dry Marble

I don't think I'll ever master the watermarble (it's stresses me out so much) so I can only ever do an dry marble, and as you'll see from these photos, even those are iffy at best.
Yeah... These are so messy. I need to learn that less is more with these types of things, but I always use lots of colours and swirling. Once again as I did these a little while ago, I can't really remember all the colours I used, but I will put the ones I did remember at the bottom.

What I Used;
MUA White (base and for the marble)
Essie We're all in This Together
China Glaze Designer Satin
Barry M Limited Edition Yellow

PS. I'm gonna start changed the colours of the what I used bit to make it easier to see what colours are what in the mani. Except for white, that will always stay either black or grey so you can read it. Any opinions on whether you think you like the colours or if  I should keep all writing black, will be appreciated.


Gradients, Glitter and Squares

I bought some new nail vinyls from She  Sells Sea Shells and I knew as soon as I had them I had to do a gradient over a sparkly base. I chose the sparkliest polish I will ever own, Cosmic Girl from Danglefoot. If you like your sparkly glitter polishes then theres a good chance you will love that polish.
I will say now that apart from Cosmic Girl I can not remember what polishes I used for these.... Sorry but I did them about three weeks ago if not longer, and as I was planning on posted them earlier I didn't make notes. I'm rubbish, I know.


Half Moon Stamping

I had great plans for these, but I didn't place the stickers I used for the stamping high enough from the cuticle, oh well at least I know for next time I try this sort of thing.
The base colour for this, A England Dancing with Nureyev has to be a fave of mine. it's a wonderfully subtle colour with a gorgeous holo, plus it looks amazing stamped over dark colours aswell. This colour can do no wrong in my opinion.

What I Used;
A England Dancing With Nureyev
W7 Black


A Quick Note...

A super quick post today, sorry about the lack of blogging for the last few weeks, the first part of that was just laziness on my part and I'm currently going to edit the photos from that time now. But the last two weeks have been due to having discomfort in my side that meant sitting or anything for a while made it worse and sometimes caused pain, but I'm feeling better now so hopefully there will be more regular posts now.