The Winter Soldier Nail Art

I was looking at my Moyou Sci fi plate as I love the circuit images on it, but I had no ideas, so I thought maybe some double stamping, or something for them rather than doing circuit board nail art (which might still happen at some point). After having no double stamping ideas, I looked at my vinyls and decided on stars over the stamping. After decided on grey on grey for stamping, I had a brainwave for these Winter soldier nails. Which I love! I mean who wouldn't want something inspired by Sebastian Stan on their nails, right?
The stamping polish I used China Glaze Stone Cold dries stupidly fast so the stamping isn't as clean as I would like, but it was the best I could do in the moment. I got my star vinyls and cut them down so I could place one star on my nail, and voila! 

What I Used;
Mien Silver Gleam
China Glaze Stone Cold
Konad Red