Tiny Turtles

I've got yet another Cottonconey inspired mani today, but since I saw these I've really wanted to try them. Now that I've got a teeny nail art brush all I want to do is really tiny stuff on my nails. I need so much more practice though, I think you can still tell that they are turtles though. Right? Also for the very first time in my nail art history I used acrylic paint for the details, it was much easier than polish if I'm honest. I might have to buy more sets I have only have a few colours of paint right now.
I though I had the glitter she used, but I did not... I only have clear glitter (which just seems pointless to me). I used the clear glitter anyway, and it looked like bubbles over the gradient, but once I added top coat they seemed to almost disappear. Shame. You can sort of pick them out in the photos though, they do add a sort of ripple like effect.

What I Used;
A white made of like three old whites mixed in one bottle...
MUA Bold Blue
Green, Brown, and Yellow acrylic paint.