Paint Splatter

I've only ever tried splatter nails once of twice before, and I just remember them going horribly wrong for some reason. I don't remember what they looked like, just that I was angry about them. So when I tried again, I was fully prepared to hate them and go on a massive ragequit, that is usually kept for watermarbling. 
Although I do love how these turned out, I wish I'd chosen a different time to do them. I am completely out of acetone atm, and I can't currently find it in any shop near me, so I had to do the clean up for these with regular nail polish remover... As you can see it didn't work too great. And I used glue around my nails to peel most of the mess off.

What I Used;
OPI Be There in a Prosecco
China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind
China Glaze Home Sweet House Music
China Glaze Purple Panic
China Glaze Treble Maker
Barry M Limited Edition Yellow