Shiro Eyeshadow Swatches PT.1

I have no idea how many parts it'll take to swatch all my eyeshadows, but I'll try to not do a million of them. I do plan to keep them colour co-ordinated as much as possible, but as I've got mostly browns and neutrals I won't be able to do them all in one post with it being super long. There won't be much to explain in most posts as all the Shiro shadows are all pretty pigmented and go on so easy.
Whiteout//Kaepore Gaebora//No Men Like Me//Malacath//Hypothesis
Little Brother//Gift of Mercy//That Man is Playing Galaga
The first part I've done the taupe type colours, along with the grays and blacks as I don't have many of these type of colours because I usualy stick to boring browns. Swatches are done over Rimmel exaggerate base. I've included the links to the ones that are still available.

Shiro's eyeshadows come in three sizes, Sample ($1) Mini ($3.75) Full ($6.50)