Shiro Swatches; Pinks and Purples

Quite a few of these are eyeshadows I've never even worn, yet. Little bird is a colour I think would look lovely on, why haven't I worn it? I've heard it also make a wonderful gloss colour. As always these are swatches over Rimmel Exaggerate primer, and all applied wonderfully, as do all shiro shadows I've tried.
Wildflowers//Little Bird
Destinys Princess//Chiefest of Calamities//Unforgettable
Some of the purple photgraphed blue, and I couldn't convince my camera that they were purple. and the editing of them looked terrible, So I've stuff with the blue looking photos. Smell ya Later is a lovely bright lilac colour, and Elite Four is a deep purple.
Dins Fire//Ever in your Favour//Mother of Dragons
Smell Ya Later//Elite Four//Yzmas Essence of Llama
He loves His Hammer//Cognitive//Sugar Plum Harry
Shiros eyeshadows come in three sizes, Sample ($1) Mini ($3.75) Full ($6.50)