Some Shiro Swatches

I haven't done any nail art for a few weeks now, as I still haven't got any acetone, and the nail art I want to do is all messy... I've been toying with the idea of doing swatches of my Shiro Cosmetics things for a while simply because I always use the same few things. I'm hoping that by having some swatches to see will help me use different things. Although I've got almost 100 eyeshadows by them, so it might take a while to swatch them all, with this in mind I've done all my lip things first.
Not all of the things, I've swatched here are still available. Nyan Cat, Magnets, Wormswort, and Rickrolled are no longer available. Why not Zoidberg has become one of the tinted balms and is now called It's Called Love.